Court Rates

Court Booking

You do not have to be a member to book a court. If you are not a member you could call on 02727119 to make a casual booking and pay by credit card or direct credit.  You can always walk in to make a booking if courts are available.

How to book casually

Call on 2727119, pay by credit card and book. Visit the centre and book at the reception, proshop or badminton office. Text 021 527117 or 021 0520246 with credit card details to book. Book online here.

Casual booking rates(over the phone or walk in customers):

Peak hrs : $25/hr. (weekdays after 4PM, weekends & public holidays)

Racquet/shoe hire & shuttles available

Social racquets: $2 / booking

Competitive racquets $5 booking

Shoes (some adult sizes only): $2 / booking

Shuttles (Useable condition): $1 each

Shuttles (New): $3 each

Shuttle tubes (12-15 shuttles): $25 – $32 / tube

You get special rate & facilities if you are a club member or have court membership

Intended for regular players to book courts at cheaper rates and manage their own booking..

Membership period is very flexible from 1 month to maximum 12 months. Rates are given below

Booking Rates for members

Account holder booking rates:

Peak hrs: $ 13 /hr  Weekdays 4PM – 12AM, Weekends 7AM – 12AM

Off Peak: $ 8 /hr  Weekdays 7AM – 4PM

How to become a member.

Fill up membership form & pay membership fee. Visit the office and its a 5 mnts process or do it on-line »open Court Booking Account. pay by direct credit or by credit card, get the account activated for 2 weeks. Visit the office to pick up the card and documents within 2 weeks to activate the accounts until the chosen accounts period.

Membership fee

Membership Type Club Members Subscription Non Club  members Subscription Booking Rate Peak time Mon-Fri 4 -11PM Weekends 8-11PM Booking Rate Off peak time weekdays 7 – 4PM Maximum number of courts Minimum top up amount
Casual Court Membership Free Free $22 $ 10 2 $ 50
Single Court Membership During  club membership Free Full Year  $90

Half Year $60

$13 $ 8 1 $ 25
Multi Court Membership During  club membership

$50 each signup/renewal.

Full Year  $150

Half Year $108

$13 $ 8 3 $50

See chart below for shorter membership

New Account Set up Fee: $15   Court account renewal fee: FREE ( only subscription payable)

Short term court membership is available   

n= Number of months

Single court membership: 30 + 5n

3 courts membership : 66 + 7n

Months 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Single court


$35 $40 $45 $50 $55 $60 $65 $70 $75 $80 $85 $90
Multi Court


$73 $80 $87 $94 $101 $108 $115 $122 $129 $136 $143 $150

Membership facilities

About 40 – 50% discount of court hire rate. Online booking facility.

Able to maintain your own account and top up.

Able to book 2 weeks in advance Ability to bring your family and friends and play.

More courts can be hired depending on availability for regular users.

NZBC reserves the rights to review terms and conditions without any notice

Badminton Centre opening hours

Normal hours: 7AM – 12 Midnight   7 days 365 days.  Special conditions apply to users after 10PM.

All bookings for play after 10PM must be done before 10PM.

Special times can be organised outside the normal hours by prior arrangement.

Off Peak hours : Week days until 4PM   Rest of the time: Peak hours  

How to top up your account

Do on-line instant top up via paypal credit card facility.  Go to your booking page and click Pay online.

You can put the amount you wish to top up. This will take you through paypal and your account will be topped up instantly.

Visit the office during working hours or most after hours and pay in person by cash, chq, EFTPOS or Credit card

Do internet transfer to Bank acc No: 02-0168-0272202-03.with your full name as reference. When the payment appears on our account your account will be updated. If you require faster updating you could send proof of payment (screen print of payment confirmation) by e mail to .  

Call the office and provide credit card details to be charged. (Credit card payments will have 4% surcharge ).

Register a credit card with the office so that it will be charged as & when you require top up.

Your account will be credited ASAP.

Cancellation policy

For refund you must cancel 24hrs before the booked time.

Terms & Conditions of use

Membership fee is non refundable/transferable.

Only members have access to the centre and members  may take up to 6 visitors/court.

Court lighting card or online account is usable by the account holder only. Account will be disabled if an account holder passess the card or online access details  to third party for unauthorised use.

All accounts and bookings must be for private playing purpose only and not for any groups or clubs or business, or coaching, or profit making purposes which require special permission.

Any members or account holders or visitors are prohibited from carrying out any business such as selling or promoting any badminton gears including shuttles, Racquets, bags, cloths, shoes, stringing service, unauthorised coaching etc within the badminton centre or car park.

Account holder must ensure that all players strictly use Non-Marking badminton shoes on the court.

Account holder must ensure that no one plays on any Un-Lit courts or courts booked by other players.

All members must carry the lighting card while playing and at times lighting card may be required to activate lights.

Courts lights must be switched off using the lighting card if the players are leaving the court early though there is no refund.

Account holder must ensure no disturbance to the adjacent court’s game by controlling traffic & noise level.

Any issues related to accounts must be informed to the office within 3 days during office hours after the use of courts. Account holder must maintain his/her own account and reconciliation etc based on the available transaction records and reports online.

Account holder is fully and personally responsible to ensures that all the NZBC rules and regulations as & when published on notice boards and website are followed by all players & visitors of the account holder.

The management reserves the right to accept or approve membership subject to the centre policies. Refund will be given if the membership cannot be accepted.

Courts may not be available  in situations beyond control such as power failures, extreme weather conditions or natural disasters.

Account holder gives consent to receive court booking confirmations, reminders  and program updates & news by e mail.

Members give consent to display  photos & videos where I may be part of a group or club session/training  or their achievement may be highlighted & displayed on notice boards and website for the development & promotion of the sport.

Members will in no way hold NZBC clubs or the management responsible for any injury or mishap that may occur in the course of play at the badminton centre accidentally or due to any adverse weather conditions.  

Any booking during centre club sessions requires special permission. Centre programs take priority over all pvt bookings and if a booked court is not available due to any unexpected situation/tournaments or any other centre program/function sufficient notice will be given and booking charges will be refunded.

Account holders take full responsibility for everyone playing under their account re any damages to the property of the centre, personal injuries, and following the centre rules.

Account holder will personally pay for all the damages done accidentally or wilfully by account holder or any of his/her visitors or players played under their account. account holder authorises for the centre to charge his/her account for any items purchased from the centre/proshop or any payment owing to the centre. Account holder is liable to pay for all outstanding payments together with collection/legal fees if any.

Casual accounts must be active with a balance fund in it. Casual accounts not used for 6 months will be closed . Balance in any casual account will be kept for a maximum of 6 months after the account is closed and there will not be any refunds available after the account is closed.

All expired member accounts will be closed after 6 months of expiry date. Any balance in any expired accounts must be claimed within 6 months of expiry by returning the lighting card. $ 10 will be deducted if the lighting card is lost. No refund or details will be available after the account is closed.

Account holder takes full responsibility of all his players and himself for any injury or mishap that may occur in the course of play at the badminton centre accidentally or due to any adverse weather conditions and will in noway hold NZBC or the management responsible.

Account holder takes full responsibility for everyone playing on the court re any damages to the property of the centre done accidentally or wilfully by the account holder or any of his/her visitors.

Account will be put on hold when the above rules are violated and the account holder needs to visit the office to reactivate after rectifying or sorting out the concerns/issues.

Account holder agrees that the account will be cancelled without any refund of subscription in the event of breach of the above terms or the centre rules. Balance in the account can be still claimed by returning the lighting card within 6 months of account termination.

Non active expired accounts will be closed permanently without any refund after 6 months.

Renewal must be done in person at the office for all type of accounts by paying the appropriate subscription.

Lighting cards must be returned to office when the account is expired or when closing the account to claim the balance in the account.

Terms & rates are subject to review by the management without notice.