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NZBC is dedicated to provide excellent facility and infra structure to develop the junior badminton in the East Auckland area and Committed to develop junior players from five years of age, identify new talents, encourage, guide and provide every support to groom them as best players in the country. Use excellent modern management, coaching, technological and safety practices and operate the junior club in a very professional manner.

School Holiday Badminton Join On Line Junior club info for New members Enrolment form
     Try 1 week Free holiday program  before joining a club
All New full year enrolments receive 1 week school holiday program prior to starting clubs.

The junior club programs are very formally structured with all players wearing club shirts provided free. We emphasise children learning & practicing all good values learning social skills while learning badminton sport. Punctuality, Regular attendance, players putting their full effort, respecting other players/coaches, use of appropriate language and good sportsmanship are some of the aspects given importance during club sessions. A part from values badminton sport includes not only learning skills but also fitness program, competitions, rules of games, injury managements, weekly assessments and mental trainings. The player’s progress and performances are closely monitored on a weekly basis and up grade to appropriate sessions or recomendations for individual advancements & further training opportunities are provided. While we ensure children to have good social time and fun we encourage and emphasis players to develop competitive culture from early ages to develop & excel at their own pace. We believe while some of the skilled and passionate players move towards competitive high level tournaments others will gain great life & sports skills to develop their future towards their set goals in life and continue to play badminton for entertainment and social fun during their lifetime.

School Terms & Holiday program dates 2018
2018 Junior club 2018  Holiday Badminton
8/01/2018 26/01/2018
Term 1 1/02/2018 13/04/2018 17/04/2018 27/04/2018
Term 2 30/04/2018 6/07/2018 9/07/2018 20/07/2018
Term 3 23/07/2018 28/09/2018 1/10/2018 12/10/2018
Term 4 15/10/2018 15/12/2018 7/01/2019 25/01/2019
School Terms & Holiday program dates 2019
2019 Junior club 2019  Holiday Badminton
Term 1 1/02/2019 12/04/2019 15/04/2019 26/04/2019
Term 2 29/04/2019 5/07/2019 8/07/2019 19/07/2019
Term 3 22/07/2019 27/09/2019 30/09/2019 11/10/2019
Term 4 14/10/2019 15/12/2019 6/01/2020 24/01/2020

Our Facility

Its a dedicated modern badminton hall with 13 courts and biggest in the country, International standard PVC rubber mats on Timber flooring, excellent lighting, Ample car parking , 200 seating facility around the courts, Club Lounge, Men’s and women’s showers, On-site pro shop for all your badminton needs, On-site Cafe, Event rooms, Resident manager, Computerized on-line court booking facility, Senior, junior, Midweek, Premier clubs, high performance training sessions, group & individual coaching, Reception and staff facility during week days & most after hours, Open 7AM – 11PM 365 days. Arrangement could be made for court usage outside those hours.

Club membership Refund policy:
Refundable within 30 days for change of mind or anytime with medical certificate for injuries, in which case casual fee will be charged for the sessions finished regardless of attendance.

Affiliated Junior clubs Days and Times

Skill level Club Day Time Eligibility
Young & beginners Manukau Kidz Badminton Club Saturday 9.30-  11AM Age 5- 9
Beg/Int/Advanced Flat Bush Junior Badminton Club Monday 5 – 7 PM Age 6-16
Beg/Int/Advanced East Tamaki Junior Badminton Club Tuesday 5 – 7 PM Age 6-16
Beg/Int/Advanced All Stars Junior Badminton Club Thursday 5 – 7  PM Age 6-19
Beg/Int/Advanced Botany Junior Badminton Club Saturday 11- 1 PM Age 6-19
Beg/Int/Advanced Dannemora Junior Badminton Club Sunday 1 – 3 PM Age 6-19
Intermediate Manukau Junior Badminton Club Wednesday 5 – 7 PM Age 10-16
Beg/Int/Adv     Home School Badminton Club Tueesday 1 – 3 PM All ages
Beg/Int/Adv     Home School Badminton Club Wednesday 1 – 3 PM All ages
Advanced/premier Manukau  Junior elite Badminton Club Tuesday 7 – 9 PM Age 13-19

School Holiday Badminton

Which session will be suitable for my child based on his/her skill level

Little kidz (5 – 9 Yrs): Saturday 9.30 – 11 AM
Beginners: Monday 5-7, Tuesday 5 – 7 PM, Thursday 5 – 7 PM, Saturday 11-1 PM, Sunday 1 – 3 PM
Intermediate: Wednesday 5 – 7 PM, Saturday 11-1 PM, Sunday 1 – 3 PM, Tuesday 5 – 7PM, Thursday 5 – 7 PM, Monday 5 – 7  PM
College: Monday 5 – 7 PM, Tuesday 5-7 PM, Thursday 5 – 7, Saturday 11 – 1 PM, Sunday 1 -3 PM,
Advanced: Mon/Tues/Thurs 5 – 7 PM, Saturday 11 – 1 PM, Sunday 1 -3 PM, Tuesday 7 – 9
Premier: Tuesday 7 – 9 PM

Which session will be suitable for my child based on his/her age

Age  5 – 8 : Saturday 9.30 – 11 AM
Age 7 – 16: Monday 5 – 7, Tuesday 5 – 7 PM, Saturday 11-1 PM, Sunday 1 – 3 PM, Thurs 5 – 7 PM, Tuesday 7 – 9 PM


Development Squads
Friday      5 – 7 PM : Junior Development Future Squad,  Selection criteria applies.
Saturday 2 – 4 PM : Junior Development Future Squad,  Selection criteria applies.
Saturday 4 – 6 PM : Junior Development scholorship squad .  Selection criteria applies.

Our philosophy is to provide the best training at the least cost to players.
Players working hard & producing results pay less or No fee compared to all other players.
Higher the efforts and results will earn higher level of facilities & program at nominal or low cost.
Players are provided everything required including squad training, personal coaching, fitness programs, self training programs, courts, mentoring and gears at subsidised prices for them to reach their goals.

Development squad trainings are heavily subsidized by NZBC and the sponsors of the program. Significant amount of funds is invested into the program to cover cost of courts, coaches, shuttles, tournament subsidies, travelling, uniforms, track suits and all other extra trainings.

Development squad training is only to those players who want to go into competitive badminton representing NZBC and the sponsors during their junior carrier from U13s to U19s age groups. Junior club members who naturally love the sport, prepared to commit appropriate amount of time & effort for training, chose Badminton as their Number 1 sport, wanting to be trained during U13s – U19s age group can apply for Future development squad.  The main purpose of the squad is to encourage, develop & train future junior stars for competitive play, tournaments, and selection for representative teams.

Junior Development Future Squad
The Future squad training runs every Saturday 2 – 4 PM and Friday 5 – 7 PM during school term, age group 6 – 16 and limited numbers only. The intensity of training, coaching & fitness is significantly higher than club session.

Junior Development Advanced Scholarship squad
The Advanced squad training runs every Saturday 4.00 – 6.00PM during school term.
The intensity of training, coaching & fitness is significantly higher than the Future Squad.
Players must have proved themselves & recognised by coaches in the Future Squad for selection to scholarship squad.
Compared to Future squad there is no extra cost to be promoted to the advanced scholarship squad however
the commitments, amount of training & expectations are significantly higher than future squad.
Players must continue to meet the selection criteria, minimum requirements of training and fitness level.
There will be weekly training reporting/assessment and regular parent/player/coach interviews.

High performance squad
Players will be chosen from development scholarship squad for further training who are successfull in dedicatedly following the development squad program and produce results.
Customised programs will be made for such players and all possible training and facilities provided at no cost.

Selection process for Development Squads
Players/Parents can apply for the squad after carefully studying the purpose, commitments & requirements.
Players may be identified from normal club sessions and recommendation/invitation is sent to parents.
Parents/players fill up the invitation/expression of interest form and submit to the office.
A detailed interview/discussion will take place together with player & parent to ensure they understand the expectation and long term commitment during junior carrier.
If the player is accepted Parent completes the detailed Squad enrolment form which clearly explains all details and
both parent & player formally sign the enrolment form.
Player will commence in the development squad program and will be closely monitored and guided by the coaches.
A player/parent/coach interview will be scheduled during the 1st 6 months generally to re assess the progress.
If successful the player will continue in the development squad receiving all the facilities, training, weekly reports etc at no or less cost depending on the development squad he/she is part of.
If not successful the player will be withdrawn or transferred to a normal club session.

Policies and Payment terms for development squads

Future Squad members pay 40% subsidized fee when they commence. If they are successful & able to continue long term during U13 – U19 they will continue to pay subsidized fee. If exceptional performance they will be promoted to Scholarship squad to continue advanced training at No extra cost.
Advanced Scholarship squad and high performance players pay No fee when they commence. If they are successful & able to continue long term during U13 – U19 they will continue to receive all squad training and extra facilities at no cost under the scholarship.

The actual cost of development squad training is $10/session for current members & casual rate is $20/session.
Actual squad fee is payable only if players are not able to continue training during their junior carrier.

We recognise that some parents/players commit themselves for competitive development squad training but genuinely struggle with actual level of training or time commitment required. Such players can withdraw as early as possible within 3 months by paying actual training fee after trying out and then continue in normal club sessions.. They can apply at a later stage if situation changes.

If any Future  or Scholarship squad member is not able to continue due to any unexpected genuine situation beyond their control they can apply for withdrawal. If accepted by the management, they can continue in normal club session and development squad fee will be waived off. They will be eligible to re apply at a later stage. 

If any player is found being dishonest or guilty of any serious misconduct or consciously not following the program & meeting the minimum requirements or in the worst case misuse development squad facility in order to trial or represent another organization or competitor, they will be removed from the squad immediately. Full squad training fee at casual rate and/or all subsidies and cost of all  extra facilities provided will be payable together with legal/collection fees if any. Any drop out after receiving the scholarship facilities without any formal withdrawal application will be treated same as misuse of the facility. Such players will not be eligible to apply for any development squad, school holiday  programs or join any affiliated clubs in the future.

How does the affiliated junior club operate – Main features

Computer scheduled games, group coaching, challenges, weekly ranking & assessments, equal opportunities for everyone, Fitness and group skill learning.

Highly structured junior programs with high level of dicipline and order.

Club T shirt is mandatory and all club members receive 1 FREE club T shirt every year(4 terms)

All players arrive at least 5-10  minutes before the session and sign in at the club computer.

In some sessions warm up game is scheduled and other sessions extensive warm up routines are followed.

1 or 2 courts are allocated for group coaching. All players are rostered in the games and sent to coaching courts where they are taught basic skills depending on their levels. Advance junior squad players who are trained to be assistant coaches attend every session and assist in the club coaching and programs.

Full fitness session and learning skills as a group.

Small group coaching sessions and ranking games.

Ladder competitions, ranking competitions and recording of scores for player ranking and level assessment, off court trainings. Players levels are assessed on a weekly basis.

Players cannot attend a session if they are late by 30minutes or leave the session until end the session, unless prearranged with the coach.

Special features of NZBC affiliated Junior clubs

The club is located in a very secure, safe, popular developing area of East Auckland.

Traveling to and from the center from anywhere and Parking facility is made easy and excellent.

The center is manned and supervised 24hrs/day by resident manager and safety and security are fully ensured for all players.

The centre is equpped with 16 safety & security cameras monitored through out the day.

Parents have flexibility of being able to drop children and pick up much before the programs and well after the programs as the children can stay in the club area and study or make use of the courts by having extra booking and training.

200 chairs of seating arrangement around the courts makes it very convenient for players and parents to sit & watch their children or other players training.

Computer systems and software programs are developed and customized to suit the needs of the junior players.

Every player has equal attention and time of play on & off the court.

Every player’s development is assessed regularly and rankings maintained by having weekly tournaments.

The center has a fully functional reception area and parents and players can visit anytime during working hours or most after working hours for all their administration needs of enrolment, payment, receipt, tournament etc.

The center has fully functional and regularly updated website for everyone to be aware of all the events and programs of the center.

The junior club is headed by experienced qualified professional coach and all the junior sessions are directly coached and administered by him. The developing players and parent volunteers will be assisting to help develop the new players during the sessions.

First Aid, Ice pack facilities are always available during session times.

Onsite pro-shop with professional advisers always available to meet the needs of the players/parents.

On site professional coaches available for players to consult and organize special coaching & training programs.

Cafe is available for players to buy food, drinks, water etc. Parents could open account with the cafe for the cafe manager to personally take care of the children.

All players are able to set up private court booking facility at nominal cost so that they are able to book courts during non-club times and play with their family and friends.

Expectation from players

Players must demonstrate high level of punctuality and commitment to the programs.

Players must demonstrate high level of conduct & behavior during the whole session on & off the court respecting coaches and fellow players.

Players must follow the rules and guidelines of the game and the club/center at all times.

Players are to bring Racquet, water bottle, towel and must have non-marking badminton shoes.

Food or drinks must be consumed outside the court areas.

Players are not allowed to bring or use musical and any electronic devices during club sessions.

Frequently asked questions Junior club

When do the clubs start for the  season?

When the school starts club starts. Generally 1st of Feb.

How many weeks in each term?

That would be exactly same as the school terms.

Can we pay term by term and renew at the end of each term?

Yes you can but you will end up paying much more than paying all 4 terms in advance and also place may not be guaranteed in case there are waiting list to sessions. Also when you pay for 4 terms your term price is locked for the next 4 terms. Any price increase wouldnot affect you during that time.

Can we book courts outside the club sessions?

Yes you can. Every full year club member is entitled to get a court lighting account for nominal setup fee of $15 one off fee. (Non members pay $90/year to get a court lighting account) and able to book court outside club hours to play with family and friends.

If the children are very beginners, will they it into the club? What do you recommend?

If the children are struggling to hit over the net and connect the shuttles we recommend that the parents book courts outside the club hours and play with them and help the children to learn to hit the shuttles. Parents are welcome to watch the teaching session or ask the coach how they can help their children so that they can help their children effectively. Also at the beginning we recommend parents to stay with the children until they settle well into the club routines.

Is there badminton during school holidays and public holidays?

The regular club sessions run only through the school term. There is no club session during school holidays. However there is special holiday badminton program every week day during school holidays. All members can apply for 1 week FREE holiday program and 30 FREE spots are allocated during each holiday times for members & non-members as well.

Will the club sessions be structured programs?

Yes the sessions will be very structured and the players will systematically learn as group the basic skills and play heaps of games for practicing the skills and also regular ranking competitions. All players will be taken through extensive fitness program and also high level of discipline and order exercised during the sessions. All players must arrive before the session commencing time and stay during the whole session. All players will be expected to carry out training assignments on & off the court during the session.

Are the players ranked and assessed regularly and when the players get better will they be moved to appropriate levels and sessions?

Yes, all players will be assessed and ranked on a weekly basis. Games scores will be collected during each week and the new rankings will be available to players on the following week so that the players themselves will know their progress. Players our performing and improving fast will be promoted to the next higher level.

How do we contact the treasurer and when will be he/she available for payments and receipts etc?

All payments and receipts are handled directly by the Centre staff and the centre is open during all working hours and most after hours.

How do we top up the court lighting account and book courts if the parents & friends want to play with the members?

The centre is open almost all the time and with one telephone call everything can be handled instantly and all your needs will be taken care of.

Can we make payment by EFTPOS or Credit cards?

Yep payment can be made by Cash, Cheque, EFTPOS or Credit cards. The office will be able to process your credit card payment over the phone or you could do direct credit to our bank account.

When I enroll by post or on line how do I know if that is accepted etc and when do we attend the club?

If there is any problem with enrolment , someone will call you. On the other hand you can always call the office and verify your enrolment. You can safely turn up to the first day of the club session you registered.

What do the players have to wear & bring?

Players must wear club T shirt and non marking shoes. Players need to bring a Racket, water bottle and a towel. Junior Rackets are available for purchase at $29 or hire at $2 at the centre if you don’t have one.

Can the parents wait & watch during the sessions?

Yes absolutely and we encourage that.

I have more questions and who can I contact?

Call 2727119 and you will have your answers instantly!!!.


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